I wandered into that abstract realm that would
not put me down
An arc
tangent to a rainbow
The rainbow angle deflects and scatters light
to reverberate in the atmosphere
There is a dark side to a rainbow as well as to
the moon

A phase transition is a singularity in the complex plane

water to ice
helix to coil
plus to minus

a spring running under the thin shell
a collapse of order or an initiation of one

a woman rising to compose herself
over a cup of coffee when the night before
she let each block of her body fall

It is a flip switch that occurs in the magnetic poles
every two hundered thousand years
the shallow eutectic hollow of energy

Bracketed thoughts that do not follow a
mathematical order
they climb up their imaginary axis and take root
joke with meaning-appear on the other
side of the plane
without permission
So recently I stopped asking myself
why it is that you are
not here anymore