Witch Hazel Song

Red Rover come over and show me the games
you learned as a child. How to use a pair of
scissors with a vengeance and how to spank
a cat. How to beat your brother's head against a
wooden bench. How to be invisible and how not to be.
How to throw a shoe that hits a face.
How a slap slaps. How to crank up the wind.
inside you and how to wind it down.
How pencil lead turns to diamond.
How glass cuts skin. How ovens burn.
How burns heal slow. How scorpions hid under
How vomit gets cleaned. How soap feels
in your mouth and how a wooden floor
feels on your chin. How splinters get pulled.
How car doors slam. How scars
last on ring fingers. How ice burns as
much as fire and how I don't know how she got
those welts. Teach me the rules you learned as
as child and how a switch cut from a
witch hazel is a lesson in pain and power.