Salt and Ashes by Adrienne Drobnies

Salt and Ashes is one of those rare collections that astounds with its intensity and depth of emotion, without once sacrificing intellectual discipline and rigour. The long poem that forms the heart of the book, “Randonnées,” is a masterpiece of precision and intimacy.”

— Evelyn Lau, Tumour, A Grain of Rice, and Living Under Plastic

“In her stunning debut collection of poems, Drobnies observes ‘thoughts do not follow a mathematical order.’ Nor do feelings. As she dissects the visceral yet exquisite dilemma of how grief dismantles the narratives of our lives, we look over her shoulder, feel the shiver, and see anew.”

— Betsy Warland, Oscar of Between

Winner: Fred Kerner Book Award 2020 (Canadian Authors Association)

Longlisted for Fred Cogswell Award 2020

Review by John Swanson here in The Ormsby Review

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